Valerie + Nick

The type of company they surrounded themselves with? Awesome.

The saying "you can tell a lot about a person by the type of company they surround themselves with" really resonates with Valerie and Nick's wedding day. This was most evident in their large bridal party that consisted of family members and close friends that they grew up with from childhood.

These were the type of people that Valerie and Nick chose to surround themselves with which explained all the expressions of happiness and tears of joy on everyone's faces throughout the day. Wish you both nothing but the best as you continue on your journey in life together.

Megan + Matt

A perfect blend of nerdy cool and heartwarming love, Megan and Matt's wedding proved that love knows no bounds.

DanDan + Justin

One of the unique blessings of being a wedding photographer is having every now and then I get the honour of documenting a wedding day for two of my close friends.

Lorrein + Asshur

If I told you that Lorrein and Asshur's photos were taken at a golf course, would you believe me? I know I wouldn't.