Kathleen + Jason

A vibrant island, warm sunshine, soft sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sweet fruit, jerk chicken, the sounds of steel drums – well, you get the idea.

When I got Kathleen and Jason's message asking me to shoot their wedding in Jamaica, I instantly jumped on the chance, no questions asked. And boy am I glad I did. They planned their small but beautiful destination wedding in Runaway Bay, a small town on the northern coast of Jamaica. Being one of the most beautiful spots on the island, there's no wonder it attracts many tourists. But somehow Kathleen and Jason were able to get a sectioned off part of the beach all to themselves (I reckon this was all Kathleen's doing :p).

Some say you really get to know the people's true character when you travel with them, which I found to be very true. The 5-day trip allowed me to spend time and get to know, not just Kathleen and Jason more, but their whole wedding party of family and friends. Jason and his groomsmen seemed like your typical crazy bunch of jokesters at first, but it was their bond of over 10-20 years that shined through and that's just how you are when you're around family. Kathleen's bridesmaids had a little bit of a different story. Each were important individuals that were by her side during the many stages of her life, a colourful reflection of her lifetime you could say. It was this wonderful group of friends and their parents/siblings that Kathleen and Jason knew they had to have present during their celebration; a true family. To be able to travel and celebrate with you all was truly a privilege, thank you.

Megan + Matt

A perfect blend of nerdy cool and heartwarming love, Megan and Matt's wedding proved that love knows no bounds.

DanDan + Justin

One of the unique blessings of being a wedding photographer is having every now and then I get the honour of documenting a wedding day for two of my close friends.

Lorrein + Asshur

If I told you that Lorrein and Asshur's photos were taken at a golf course, would you believe me? I know I wouldn't.