Hannah + John

No matter which way you look at it, their day was an amazing blend of beautiful emotion & fun-filled excitement!

The saying 'calm before the storm' comes to mind when looking back on Hannah and John's wedding day. What started out as a enjoyable relaxing morning with an elegant, heartwarming ceremony quickly turned into a whole different ballgame. Thankfully the 'storm' wasn't unwanted as it really meant party time celebrations! This may be true for most weddings, but what I found extra special about this, was that it perfectly describes both Hannah and John.

Both genuine people with a wonderful humourous side, I knew it was going to be a great wedding day from our first meeting. You can tell from the smiles all around that my guess was right :) One things for sure; no matter which way you look at it, Hannah and John's day was an amazing blend of beautiful emotion and fun excitement!

Megan + Matt

A perfect blend of nerdy cool and heartwarming love, Megan and Matt's wedding proved that love knows no bounds.

DanDan + Justin

One of the unique blessings of being a wedding photographer is having every now and then I get the honour of documenting a wedding day for two of my close friends.

Lorrein + Asshur

If I told you that Lorrein and Asshur's photos were taken at a golf course, would you believe me? I know I wouldn't.