Erika + Nathan

It's not easy making Niagara's orchards more lovely. But Erika, with her daft eyes and craftiness, pulled it off beautifully.

Born and raised as a city slicker I’ve gotten used to all the craziness that is the city life. But getting away from all the hustle bustle of the city streets & rush hour traffic can be rejuvenating. So I was especially grateful that Erika and Nathan’s wedding pulled me away from it all and down to the Niagara orchards.

And what a beautiful way to do so. The warm sunlight playing hide and seek with the clouds throughout the day matched with the lush landscaped set the stage for Erika and Nathan's big day. Paired with the elegant, chic styling and rustic decor, you couldn't ask for a more wonderful time.

Tying the knot under the grand oak tree amongst all of their loved ones was just the beginning. From their parents warm words about the joy that was apparent on everyone's faces to the loads of fun and antics during the reception, I enjoyed every minute of it.

When the sun went down and blanketed all the guests gathered under the canopy with a nice cool air, it was the perfect way to end off the evening. As their guests sent off Erika and Nathan with a tunnel of sparklers, i was filled with a sense of happiness and gratitude for being able to take part in such a beautiful day.

Megan + Matt

A perfect blend of nerdy cool and heartwarming love, Megan and Matt's wedding proved that love knows no bounds.

DanDan + Justin

One of the unique blessings of being a wedding photographer is having every now and then I get the honour of documenting a wedding day for two of my close friends.

Lorrein + Asshur

If I told you that Lorrein and Asshur's photos were taken at a golf course, would you believe me? I know I wouldn't.