Amy + Peter

To say this day was sentimental for Peter and Amy is definitely an understatement.

For over 100 years, their family cottage has been passed down through generations; it's where Amy and her family spent the majority of their summers and it's where Peter and Amy chose to celebrate their wedding day. To say it was sentimental is probably an understatement.

The personal connection continued through with their family and friends as they lent their helping hands with every aspect of the set up and decorating. The bouquet and boutonnieres were hand picked and arranged from the garden and even the archway where they said their vows and ceremony was hand crafted. Portland is just a 2 hour drive away from Toronto and once you're there it feels as though time stops, it was the perfect secluded spot for Peter and Amy to gather their family and friends and celebrate their love.

Megan + Matt

A perfect blend of nerdy cool and heartwarming love, Megan and Matt's wedding proved that love knows no bounds.

DanDan + Justin

One of the unique blessings of being a wedding photographer is having every now and then I get the honour of documenting a wedding day for two of my close friends.

Lorrein + Asshur

If I told you that Lorrein and Asshur's photos were taken at a golf course, would you believe me? I know I wouldn't.