Mike Who?


My journey with photography started back in high school; experimenting with film, I found there was something about hand processing film/photos and the attention that each frame demanded that made it so fulfilling. My love of sports and wanting to capture the action is what got me into digital photography. But when a friend asked me to shoot her wedding it not only gave me the excitement and challenges of capturing moments but also the ability to tell stories through my work, I was hooked.

I'm a light hearted person who takes my job very seriously.

My team is handpicked from my close-knit community of professional wedding and lifestyle photographers. They are the people I hold dearly. I not only trust their skills/talents, but also love having them around which ensures that you are getting the very best.


I am blessed to be the son of parents who have let me pursue my passions and have been loving and supporting since day one. I do this for them.

I do it for all the couples out there. I love meeting and getting to know you, learning about your story and capturing it all in a single days (sometimes multiple) worth of photographing, there's nothing quite like it.


My approach to photography is an honest representation of the days' moments unfolding in it's truest form. We will never interrupt the happenings of a wedding day and ask you to hold poses in order to capture them. Our presence at your wedding is unobtrusive and we let the day flow while candidly (almost ninja-like) document all that goes around us. Those moments are yours, we do all that we can for you enable you to do what you're meant to do: enjoy them.

I have lots of experience dealing with guest-zillas

can you tell which one of the cousins is me?