About MeWell, hello there

I love photographing events for the spur of the moment, because you never know what might happen at any given time. I enjoy capturing those candid moments of people at their best; celebrating, having a great time.

Take a look around by dragging the grid around and clicking into anything that catches your eye.

If you're interested in having me photograph your event drop me a line using any of the social media link on the top right of this page.

mt-events27.jpgMyEvent Suite Launch Party mt-events69.jpg mt-events14.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events17.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events50.jpgTracy & James' Wedding mt-events53.jpgGina & Scott's Wedding mt-events76.jpg mt-events42.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events13.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events41.jpgBroken Dance (Canada's Got Talent) Performance mt-events47.jpgReel Asian Starry Starry Night Premiere mt-events21.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events36.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events23.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events43.jpgReel Asian Starry Starry Night Premiere mt-events73.jpg mt-events87.jpg mt-events19.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events64.jpgGail & Rouen's Wedding mt-events91.jpg mt-events12.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events08.jpgCIBC Walk Off the Earth Concert mt-events20.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events90.jpg mt-events81.jpg mt-events89.jpg mt-events31.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party

ClientsWho I've worked for

  • American Express
  • AOL
  • CIBC
  • CTV
  • FanExpo
  • Guinness
  • Guvernment Nightclub
  • Kraft Foods (Oreo)
  • Leons
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Microsoft
  • Mosaic Marketing
  • NXNE
  • Paramount
  • Pearson Airport
  • Reel Asian Film Festival
  • Rogers Communications
  • Salesforce
  • Tommy HIlfiger
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • University of Toronto
  • York University
mt-events16.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events90.jpg mt-events35.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events38.jpgBroken Dance (Canada's Got Talent) Performance mt-events51.jpgPui Wai & Wai Fai's Wedding mt-events20.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events14.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events29.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events58.jpgPui Wai & Wai Fai's Wedding mt-events08.jpgCIBC Walk Off the Earth Concert mt-events31.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events37.jpgBroken Dance (Canada's Got Talent) Performance mt-events59.jpgPui Wai & Wai Fai's Wedding mt-events79.jpg mt-events32.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events07.jpgCIBC Walk Off the Earth Concert mt-events26.jpgMyEvent Suite Launch Party mt-events05.jpgCIBC Walk Off the Earth Concert mt-events65.jpgGail & Rouen's Wedding mt-events54.jpgGina & Scott's Wedding mt-events11.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events30.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party mt-events53.jpgGina & Scott's Wedding mt-events91.jpg mt-events44.jpgReel Asian Starry Starry Night Premiere mt-events68.jpgYork University Spring Formal mt-events55.jpgGina & Scott's Wedding mt-events03.jpgCIBC Run for the Cure Charity Concert mt-events46.jpgReel Asian Starry Starry Night Premiere mt-events70.jpg mt-events80.jpg mt-events47.jpgReel Asian Starry Starry Night Premiere mt-events57.jpgAngela & Peter's Wedding mt-events17.jpgDiproinduca Anniversary Party mt-events60.jpgTracy & James' Wedding mt-events87.jpg mt-events49.jpgGail & Rouen's Wedding mt-events04.jpgCIBC Run for the Cure Charity Concert mt-events74.jpg mt-events21.jpgMosaic Marketing Party mt-events61.jpgAngela & Peter's Wedding mt-events50.jpgTracy & James' Wedding mt-events36.jpgSalesforce Corporate Party